The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) has accepted 41 companies into the fall 2017 cohort of the Soft Landing program.

The program helps mature startups and small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) from across Canada to grow their businesses through new revenues or investments in foreign markets.

Program participants receive access to office space for up to three months in their desired destination, plus up to $4,000CAD to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Companies landing in the fall 2017 cohort are (destination in brackets):

Acerta (Stuttgart, Germany); AquaAir 247 Inc. (Belize City, Belize); Bio Conscious Tech (San Diego and Los Angeles, United States); Cicer One Technologies Inc. (Shenzhen and Beijing, China); FI.SPAN (New York City, United States); Gamestrat (San Jose, United States); QuestUpon (New Jersey, San Francisco and Seattle, United States); RallyEngine (Singapore and Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei); Recroup (Boston and St. Louis, United States); Rewind (Austin, United States); Sandman Media Inc. (San Francisco, United States); Sitata (Sydney, Australia); Target Tape Inc. (Minneapolis, Las Vegas and Jacksonville, United States); Autzu Inc. (San Francisco, United States); BitCine Technologies Inc. (Los Angeles and Palm Springs, United States); Brizi (Leopoldlaan and Zavantem, Belgium); CO2 Solutions Inc. (Paris, France); Conquer Mobile Inc. (Nuremberg, Germany); DPL (Gouda, Netherlands); E*D Film (Los Angeles, United States); eleven-X (San Francisco, United States and Suzhou, China); Eyedro Green Solutions Inc. (Boston, Pittsburgh and Cedar Rapids, United States); (Paris, France; Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City, Mexico); Hangry Solutions Inc. (Colorado Springs and Washington DC, United States); Hydrostor Inc. (Sydney, Australia and San Diego, United States); inMotive Inc. (Beijing and Shanghai, China and Bangalore, India); MERJ Media (Seattle, United States); Nobal Technologies (London, United Kingdom); Perked! Inc. (New York City, United States); Plurilock Security Solutions Inc. (Washington DC and New York City, United States); Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd. (Hobart, Australia and Fort William, United Kingdom); PowerHub Inc. (Munich, Germany and London, United Kingdom); Precision Machinery (Melbourne and Tarpeena, Australia and Rotorua, New Zealand); Routeique Inc. (London, United Kingdom); Scribendi (Shanghai and Beijing, China); Smats Traffic Solutions Inc. (Bolzano, Italy and Chung Song City, Taiwan); thisopenspace (New York City, United States); Trellis Solutions (Oakland, United States); Windular Research and Technologies Inc. (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Colombo, Sri Lanka); RightBlue Labs (Beijing and Hong Kong, China and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam); and WorkTango Inc. (San Francisco and New York, United States and London, United Kingdom).

Since 2012, the program has facilitated 513 landings. CDMN has landed companies in 52 countries. Overall the program has been able to help companies close more than $53 million in new revenues and over $55 million in investment.