Applications are now open for Metabridge 2016. Taking place in Kelowna, B.C., from June 9-10, Metabridge connects 15 top Canadian tech startups with mentors and investors from Silicon Valley at an exclusive lakeside retreat.

For the eight-year-old networking event, meaningful connections are the name of the game.

“When you have 400 people in a room, it’s pretty hard to meet everybody,” says Metabridge founder Steve Wandlein a video from last year’s event“But when you nail that down to under 100, or even under 80, then you have a chance – over two days – to meet with everyone and connect with everyone. So the only way Metabridge grows is with quality of people, not by quantity.”

Focusing on quality connections is a winning formula: MediaCore, SqueezeCMM, and Hurrier are Metabridge 2014 alumni that have since been acquired.

Powered by Accelerate Okanagan, Metabridge features dedicated 1:1 meeting time, Fast Pitch Sessions, networking opportunities, and exclusive access to VIP investors and mentors from Silicon Valley.

To be eligible, a Canadian company must:

  • Clearly demonstrate their product solves a problem or market need
  • Have a generally available product (no private beta)
  • Have traction (users, revenue, or both)
  • Have investment (bootstrapped, angels, or VCs)
  • Have amazing founders and team members

If your company fits the bill, applications are due April 1, 2016. For more information, contact