Largest cohort to date, with 52 Canadian companies selected to land in international markets.


Waterloo Region, March 26, 2018— The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) has accepted 52 companies into the spring 2018 cohort of the Soft Landing program.

The program helps mature startups and small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) from across Canada to grow their businesses through new revenues or investments in international markets.

Program participants receive access to office space for up to three months in their desired destination, plus up to $4,000 CAD to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Since 2012, CDMN has helped over 450 Canadian companies expand internationally through this program via 623 landings abroad, resulting in more than $64.5 million in new revenue, more than $72.3 million in investment opportunities and over 180 jobs created.

Companies landing in the spring 2018 cohort include (destination in brackets):
360Medlink (Boston and Atlanta, US; Paris, France; and Tunis, Tunisia); A.Y. Technologies (Las Vegas and New York City, US); Aspect Biosystems (Boston, US; and Amsterdam, Netherlands); Aterlo Networks (Birmingham, US); Clausehound (New York City, US); CuePath Innovation (Beijing, China; Hong Kong, China); Demine Robotics (Phnom Penh, Cambodia); DOZR (Chicago, Dallas and New York City, US); Dropbike (San Francisco, US); EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS (San Francisco, US); Eden App (Minneapolis, Atlanta and Chicago, US); Engagement Agents (Las Vegas, US); eTreatMD; (London, UK); Exactus Energy (Sydney and Melbourne, Australia; and New York City, US); Fintros (New York City, San Francisco, and Boston, US); FITIV (New York City and San Francisco, US); Fotaflo (Kailua Kona, Maui and Koloa, US); FreshSpoke (New York City and Chicago, US); GeneBlueprint (San Diego, US); Hedgehog Products (Shenzhen, China); Home Investment Advisors (Chicago and Madison, US); Hydrostor (Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, Australia); Hyperion Sensors (St Louis and Los Angeles, US); Influx Workflow Solutions (Andover, US; and Eindhoven, Netherlands); Knockri (Dubai, United Arab Emirates); Limbic Media Corporation (Shenzhen and Shanghai, China); Liquid Cinema (Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cupertino and San Jose, US); MasterpieceVR (San Francisco, US); NextUp Care (San Francisco, US; London, United Kingdom); (San Francisco, US); Oneiric (Espoo, Finland); OpenSports (San Francisco and Kansas City, US); OVA (Beijing, China and San Francisco, US); Paddle HR (San Francisco, US); PostBeyond (San Francisco and Seattle, US); PropertySpark (San Francisco, US); Pug Pharm Productions (London, United Kingdom; Milan, Italy; and Mexico City, Mexico); Riot Micro (Irving, San Jose, Bellevue, and Plymouth, US); Robin Media (Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, US); Rover Parking (Miami, US); Schema App (Atlanta and New York City, US); SeamlessMD (Nashville, Charlottesville, Kansas City, San Francisco, and Springfield, US); SiteVue (Los Angeles, US); Slickspaces Technologies (Miami and Portland, US); Streamline Genomics (New York City, US); Swept Technologies (San Francisco, US); Symboticware (Minneapolis and San Francisco, US; Helsinki, Finland; Santiago, Chile; Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte, Brazil); Synervoz Communications (Las Vegas and San Francisco, US); ThisFish (Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam); Transparent Kitchen (Detroit and Las Vegas, US; Wales, United Kingdom); uCiC (New York and Atlanta, US); and VanHack (Sao Paulo, Brazil).

About The Canadian Digital Media Network

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