The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) has accepted 42 companies into the summer 2018 cohort of the Soft Landing program.
The program helps mature startups and small- to-medium-size enterprises (SMEs) from across Canada to grow their businesses through new revenues or investments in foreign markets.

Program participants receive access to office space for up to three months in their desired destination, plus up to $4,000CAD to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Since 2012, CDMN has helped 486 Canadian companies expand internationally through this program via 670 landings abroad to 58 countries, resulting in more than $65.3 million in new revenue, more than $80.5 million in investment opportunities and 225 jobs created.

Companies landing in the summer 2018 cohort are (destination in brackets):

20/20 Armor (Las Vegas and Orlando, US); Adrenalease Inc. (Hungary, Budapest; South Korea, Seoul); Advertiise (San Francisco, US; Shanghai China); Aeriosense Technologies Inc. (Atlanta and Portland, US); Bialogics Analytics (Boston, US); Bladetech Hockey Inc. (Houston, US); Careteam Technologies Inc. (London, UK); Closing Folders Inc. (New York City, Boston and San Francisco, US); Cogmation Robotics (Boston, US); Consensas (Goma, Democratic Republic of Condo); DapaSoft Inc. (Dublin, Ireland; London, UK); Elandas Inc. (Marlboro and East Hanover, US); Fintros (New York City, US); Flipd (New York City and San Francisco, US); Forma Ai (Minneapolis, Atlanta and Princeton, US); HaulerAds Inc. (New York City and San Francisco, US); Inc. (New York City and Atlanta, US); inField Solutions (Miami, US); JAUNTIN’ (New York City, Princeton, Des Moines and Erie, US); KA Imaging Inc. (Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan); LearningBranch Inc. (Manila and Cebu, Philippines); Lux Second Chance Ltd. (Paris, France); MaaS Pros (Stockholm, Sweden; Cochin, India); O2 Canada (Shanghai, Hangzhou and Beijing, China); Optimity (San Francisco, Austin and New York City, US); Pathcore Inc. (Indianapolis, US); Permission Click Inc. (Los Angeles and Fresno, US); Predikat (Zurich, Switzerland; Paris, France; Amsterdam, Netherlands); PUSH (Boston, US; Dublin, Ireland); QuestUpon (San Paulo, Brazil; Asheville, US; Shanghai, China); RightBlue Labs Inc. (Avail) (Singapore, Singapore; Melbourne, Australia); RoadLaunch (Hong Kong and Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan); Sinitic Inc. (Hangzhou, China; Manila, Philippines; Taipei, Taiwan); Site 2020 Inc. (Austin, Miami and Dallas, US); Site2Site (Richmond and Honolulu, US); SomaDetect (Shanghai, Shenzhen and Beijing, China); Studio 1 Labs Inc. (Teipai, Taiwan; Singapore, Singapore); Swept (San Francisco, US); Taplyics Inc. (San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles and Atlanta, US; London, UK); ThinkCX Technologies Inc. (New York City, US); Townfolio (Kansas City, US); XCO (Dallas, Eugene, Baltimore, Phoenix and San Jose, US).

About The Canadian Digital Media Network

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