KITCHENER, ON. July 29, 2020 – Canada’s Tech Network is pleased to announce that 126 technology startup organizations from across the country have been accepted to the latest cohort of CTN’s Soft Landing: Scale From Home program.

“While the COVID-19 pandemic may have limited travel opportunities for businesses, digital media solutions have allowed tech startups to scale and grow their customer base and expand into new national and international markets from home,” said Lisa Cashmore, Managing Director of Canada’s Tech Network. “We are thrilled that we can offer this critical support to the latest cohort of early-stage startups in our Soft Landing: Scale From Home program.” 

Startup and scaleup participants each receive $4,000 CAD to cover digital marketing and sales expenses as part of the Soft Landing: Scale From Home program. This program has been designed to aid startups and scaleups from across Canada as they work to grow their businesses digitally to increase revenue, conduct marketing activities in foreign markets and grow their sales pipeline in new countries.

“The last 18 months have been challenging for all, but especially challenging for many budding Canadian businesses in the technology and innovation sectors,” said Max Gajdel, co-founder at STAN A.I. “We are thrilled to be a part of this Scale From Home program as the support it provides through Canada’s Tech Networks allows startups like STAN A.I. to continue to grow internationally, hire new employees and focus on advancing our technology.”

Companies accepted to participate in the latest cohort of this program include: 

A Friendlier Company; Adrenalease Inc.; AGvisorPRO Inc.; ALTS Canada Inc.; AltumView Systems Inc.; Andie; Areto Labs; Arolytics Incorporated; Asset Market;ATNMY Marketing Ltd; AutoGuardian; Awake Labs; Bannister; BarSight Restaurant Systems; Bialogics Analytics Inc; Biba Ventures Inc; BluMortgage; Boss Insights Inc.; Boundless Web Solutions Inc.; Caddle; Castofly Technologies Inc.; Chalk; Clavis Studio; ClickDishes Inc.; Cocoriko; CoLab Software Inc.; Crowdmark; Cryptoworth; CybernetIQ; Do Some Good; Dreamschools; Driftscape; DrugBank; Dynamic Monitors; EasyDrugs Inc.; EHT Group Ltd; EMN; Estimatorguys; Event Temple; EXO Insights Corp.; Experium Inc.; Falling Squirrel; Inc.; GameStrat; Glo3D Inc.; Goodlawyer; HILO; Hubly Inc.; Hyperion Sensors Inc.; IAmI Authentications Inc.; iComply Investor Services Inc.; Industrial Plankton Inc.; Intellizence; IPM Scoutek;Jombone Inc.; Just Vertical; KA Imaging Inc.; Kukarella; Laplace Insights; Laundrywell Inc; Lim Geomatics Inc.; LocateMotion Inc.; Logiciels Axxess Techno Inc.; Lumin Arts Inc.; Lux Second Chance Ltd.; MASV; Mech Solutions Ltd;; Meta Innovation Technologies; MetaVRse Inc.; MICC Financial Inc.; Mikata Health; Milk Moovement; Moment Energy; MOS; MoveMate; Movia Media; My Well Self; MyPITBOARD Inc.; Mythical City Games Inc.; Nicerr; Ondexx; Ontopical Inc.; Open Sports; P&P Optica; Paidiem Payment Solutions Inc.; PK Wavy Travel Inc.; ProcedureFlow; Proskida; Proto Research Inc.; QReserve Inc.; QuenchPlant; QuickSilk; Radley Robots; Rafflebox Technologies Inc.; Rally Legal; Readocracy; Reliza Incorporated; Rent Panda; Riipen Networks Inc.; Rivvi; SaveForward Technologies Inc.; Sera4 Ltd.; Showfloor; SingleKey; SkyHive; Spontaneous Paid Opportunities Today Inc.; SPOT; Spot It; Staffroom HR; STAN; Streamline Athletes Inc.; Sustainable Life App; Swirltex; TAMVOES Health Inc.; Tap Report Inc.; Tenantcube; ThisFish Inc.; thrivr inc.; TimesSaved; TRAINFO; TROES Corp.; Unico Power Corporation; VRCAVE INC.; Wavve Boating Inc.; XpertVR.

Through this signature program, Canada’s Tech Network has supported the international expansion of more than 685 Canadian companies since 2012. This work has resulted in more than $122.8 million in new revenue, more than $126.6 million in investment opportunities and the creation of more than 438 jobs across the country (as reported by client companies). 

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