Overview of CDMN Impact in Fiscal 2016

November 2016

About CDMN

The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN), is a network of regional innovation hubs across Canada, all focused on supporting Canada's digital entrepreneurs. Designated a federal Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research (CECR), CDMN is dedicated to establishing Canada as a world leader in the digital economy.

The Hubs

Our network of Hubs is spread across Canada, from Newfoundland to Yukon Territory. Whenever you do business, we're there to help!

Number of Hubs: 25
Client desk space: 421,756 sq ft
Mentor hours: 78,622

Advisory services

Each Hub provides its own unique brand of programs and services to provide help companies succeed. Every year our network members provide assistance to over 5,000 companies.

Clients served: 5,576
Startup (0–19 employees): 4,728
SME (20–499 employees): 748
Enterprise (500+ employees): 100
Mentors accessible to clients: 630
80% of Hubs launched new programs or services

Jobs created

The companies we support have a big impact on the Canadian economy.

New jobs created by client companies: 8,876

Investment attracted by client companies

Total angel investment: $118.9 Million
Total VC investment: $981.1 Million
Total foreign investment: $95 Million
Total clients acquired: 15
Total reported value of acquisition: $492 Million

Data Source: CDMN 2016 Hub Survey

Canadian Digital Media Network
Government of Canada

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