The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN) has accepted 32 companies into the spring 2017 cohort of the Soft Landing program.

The program helps mature startups and small- to medium-size enterprises (SMEs) from across Canada to grow their businesses through new revenues or investments in foreign markets. Program participants receive access to office space for up to three months in their desired destination, plus up to $4,000CAD to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Companies landing in the spring 2017 cohort are (destination in brackets):

AXIS Labs Inc. (Richfield, Minnesota; Pittsburgh); Tasytt Inc. (San Francisco); Open Ocean Apps Inc. (Miami); PicThrive (Interlaken, Switzerland; Glasgow; Tirol, Austria); Aimsio Inc. (San Jose; San Francisco); Running Injury Clinic Inc. (Denver; Boston; London); Econics (Denver); Aqua Air 247 Inc. (George Town, Cayman Islands); Elandas (Minneapolis);  Target Tape Inc. (Boston; Chicago; Bristol); Adventure Bucket List (San Francisco; San Jose; Papeete, French Polynesia); WellTrack (San Francisco); Swept (San Francisco; New York); QReserve (Lyngby, Denmark; Sheffield); TSi Auto Solutions Inc. (Sydney); Furnishr (New York; San Francisco); Fit Minds Cognitive Health Products Inc. (Tampa; Chicago); Plastics for Change (Bangalore; Shenzhen; Jakarta); MySoJo Inc. (London; Nairobi); Data Nerds Marketing Ltd. (Boulder; Seattle; Los Angeles); Oneiric Hockey (Holliston, Massachusetts; San Luis Obispo, California); TalentClick Workforce Solutions Inc. (Charlotte; London); Ethica Data Services Inc. (Sydney); Optigo Networks Inc.  (New Jersey; Boston; New York City); SingSpiel Inc. (San Francisco); Robin Media Inc. (New York City; Los Angeles; London; San Francisco); AOMS Technologies Inc. (Gateshead, United Kingdom); uForis VR Inc. (San Francisco; Shanghai); FarmLead Resources Ltd. (Chicago); Squiggle Park (Austin; San Antonio); iLLOGIKA Studios Inc. (Los Angeles); and MAJiK Systems Inc. (Fort Worth).

Since 2012, CDMN has facilitated 446 landings to help Canadian tech companies expand internationally through this program, resulting in more than $49.6 million in new revenue and more than $46.4 million in investment opportunities.