ElevateIP: Providing IP tools and support to Canadian Startups

ElevateIP is a federally funded, nationwide program designed to help business accelerators and incubators provide the tools Canadian startups need to understand, strategically manage and leverage their intellectual property.

Smart, strategic IP management is a key ingredient for a startup’s early growth and competitiveness. Protecting IP can help startups attract investors, fend off competitors, and expand your market.

ElevateIP offers support to develop and implement an IP strategy through three tiers of services:

Tier 1: IP Education & Awareness through training sessions, workshops, and online resources. 

Tier 2: IP Strategy development including patent mining and prior art searches, trademark searches, agreement reviews, and more.

Tier 3: Creating and Implementing IP Strategies such as patent drafting/filing/prosecution, trademark registrations, licensing agreement creation, Open-Source audits, and more.  

*Services may vary by region.

ElevateIP is offered across Canada through various government partners, including:

ElevateIP is a national program of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, leading in intellectual property support for startups across the country.

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